$1 Million To Fund Your Art

How this company funds independent artists with no strings attached

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→ $1 Million Dollars To Fund Your Music

→ Are CDs the New Vinyls?

→ The Drum Sample That Changed The World

$1 Million Dollars To Fund Your Music

Deciding to invest money into your own art is something that is really hard to commit to without a guaranteed return. Now imagine how hard it would be to get other people to invest in you - it's pretty dang hard.

beatBread aims to do just that.

Launched in November of 2020, beatBread looks to help independent artists with financing their careers. They offer advances to artists ranging from $1,000 to $1 million dollars. Most recently, they secured funding of $34 million which will assist in their business endeavours. This investment was provided by Fintech venture capital firm, Deciens Capital.

Since their launch, beatBread has made more than 300 advances to artists and labels across multiple genres, various career stages, and six continents. They simply get the money for these artists from investors who are looking for a return.

According to beatBread, they utilise the ChordCash AI engine to evaluate an artists’ streaming and social media data and generate an offer. Once the offer is accepted and the verification documentation process is complete, the artist will receive the money in their bank account within days. beatBread also says artists receive funding in exchange for a limited share of existing catalog revenues - with options also available for advances against unreleased music.

“We are excited to team up with Deciens and other experienced investors to continue to grow and offer more access to flexible capital to more artists. Our mission is to enable artists to access capital on their own terms. - beatBread CEO Peter Sinclair said.

The company also says that, “advances are repaid from a share of an artist’s streaming and airplay revenues, over a period of the artist’s choosing. Advance agreements leave touring, publishing, sync, and merchandise revenue streams untouched.

👨🏻‍💻 My take on this

I like this idea a lot. This is just another step towards full independence for artists from labels and long-term commitments. Being able to receive an offer strictly based on your numbers rather than your music, allows the artist to get funded and have complete freedom to make the music they want to make.

No need to mediate their art. If they have an audience that enjoys what they are making, they can keep nurturing and growing that audience without having to sacrifice the integrity of their music to please some third-party label or entity - this is awesome!

Are CDs The New Vinyls?

As music streaming dominates audio consumption among listeners, CD sales have plummeted during the last few years - but that doesn’t mean they will go away completely.

Towards the end of 2021, there was a slight increase in CD sales compared to the last couple years and well before that. Could CDs become the new Vinyls?

At the height of its popularity in 2007, more than 2 billion compact discs were sold annually across the globe. Since then, we have seen the rise of audio streaming and the steady decline of CDs. According to the Entertainment Retailers Association, UK sales of entertainment physical products fell 18.5%, while digital revenues rose by 8.3% in 2021.

It’s very likely that digital streaming will continue to grow, but there is still room for CDs to flourish. Much like the fascination with vinyls, CDs offer a physical appeal, high quality digital audio quality, easy transportation and somewhat of a nostalgia feeling nowadays.

As Sean Jackson of Reckless Records puts it, “There’s a market for everything – vinyl, CDs, cassette tapes. Formats go in and out of fashion, but music doesn’t.”

👨🏻‍💻 My take on this

First off, this makes me feel way too old. I grew up when CDs were the main support for consuming music, I owned tons of them and loved collecting them. Now they are "vintage" and "retro" - which means so am I (lol)

As far as the market though, I do believe CDs will come back just as vinyls and cassettes did. Ultimately, music is (almost) the same no matter the support. We buy physical supports because they makes us proud to display them and they give us a feeling of ownership of somethingOtherwise music is just this abstract thing.

I guess I'll just hold on to my "vintage" collection of CDs in hopes to sell it to a future hipster who wants to experience music like they used to do in the 2000s.

The Drum Sample That Changed The World

How can a little 6-second piece of audio shape the future of music and completely revolutionise entire music genres? I made a video about that a couple weeks ago.

If you don't know the story of the Amen Breakthis will blow your mind!

🔥 Free Plugin Of The Week

Voxengo SPAN

My favorite spectral analyser! I literally put this by default on every single track in my projects.

SPAN is a real-time “fast Fourier transform” audio spectrum analyzer plug-in for professional music and audio production applications. For the most part it was derived from Voxengo GlissEQ dynamic parametric equalizer and reproduces its spectrum analysis functionality.

Plugin link - https://bit.ly/3LCm0x2

💸 Deals Of The Week

→ RC-20 (30% Off) - $113,93 $78,66 - https://bit.ly/3Jz94WZ

→ Output Portal (30% Off) - $169,88 $119,70 - https://bit.ly/3GkeXVZ

→ Auto-Tune Access (50% Off) - $115,76 $58,53 - https://bit.ly/3uYs8tk

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