Record Label VS Independent

​Do we even still need record labels in 2022?

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→ Record Label VS Independent

→ The Best Affordable Headphones for 2022

→ How I Build Melodies and Chords

Record Label VS Independent

Being independent in the music industry can be tough to navigate and being signed to a label definitely has its advantages, but is it possible to succeed as an independent artist in 2022? Short answer: definitely yes - but it will take a lot more experimentation and dedication to achieve top level success.

For artists and producers, deciding whether to sign with a label or go alone can be a challenging choice:

1.Independence certainly has its perks. Creative freedom and control, catalog ownership, and possibly higher levels of income are all advantages to staying independent.

The downside? You are at risk of spending all your time doing paperwork, editing photos and responding to emails - when you should be making music.

2. Being signed to a label also brings a few advantages such as industry connections and a larger distribution network.

The problem with labels is the insane amount of bureaucracy, the huge cut they take as "the middleman" and the lack of control over your music catalog.

“I’m not out here saying this will create a world where every artist makes millions of dollars, says independent artist Daniel Allan“But could there be a world with a musical middle class? Where people are living somewhat comfortably and are able to do exactly what they love? That would foster a better place in the world for art.”

It’s been proven time and time again that independent artists can succeed in this industry, especially utilizing the vast potential of the internet and coming up with creative fan engagement ideas. Yes, streaming can also be a big part of that success, but the key is to focus on also building other business avenues that can generate income - and help you build a long lasting career.

👨🏻‍💻 My take on this

I am 100% convinced independence is the future. Artists and producers have been able to build huge fanbases online without any external help and virtually a $0 budget.

The great thing about that is how the dynamic has shifted. It's way harder for a label to find talented people and lock them into a crappy deal because the artist can leverage a better position through their established fanbase and income. Artists don't need labels so it's completely flipped - what can the label do for the artist that they don't already have?

The Best Affordable Headphones For 2022

A set of fantastic headphones can make all the difference while creating, mixing and mastering your tracks. For the producers and engineers looking to purchase a new pair of headphones, this can be a daunting task - there are so many options!

With 2022 well underway, here are the five best headphones on the market based on overall quality and price.

1. Audio-Technica’s ATH-M50X (~$125)
These headphones have been consistently voted as the best since its inception in 2014. With top of the line sound quality, solid build, and all-around comfort, these headphones are definitely worth the price which is why they are the top choice for 2022.

✅ Great value
✅ Super comfortable

❌ High-End could be cleaner


2. Beyerdynamic DT-770 Pro (~$150)
These headphones are extremely well balanced across the audible spectrum, don’t need a lot of power to drive them, and deliver clear, detailed highs and just enough weighty low-end punch for that feelgood factor when making music.

✅ Excellent sound
✅ Replaceable components

❌ Headband can be a little tight


3. Focal Listen Professional (~$220)
Focal has transplanted its talent for high-quality studio monitors to these headphones. An ideal mid-range solution for both general day-to-day listening and pro studio tasks, these headphones are the very definition of great all-rounders.

✅ Super comfortable
✅ Sounds great at low volumes

❌ The silicon headband can get sweaty


4. Adam Audio SP-5 (~$550)
Adam Audio has rapidly built a reputation for manufacturing high-quality monitors that deliver excellent accuracy across the frequency spectrum, and their first entry into the headphones market is no less impressive. The resulting sound is very open and natural with an excellent bass response.

✅ Super balanced
✅ Adam Audio level quality

❌ Materials feel a little cheap for the price


5. Sennheiser HD 25 (~$169)
For decades, Sennheiser’s HD 25 closed-back headphones have been acclaimed by professionals for their ability to handle high sound pressure levels and reproduce music evenly across the frequency spectrum. These headphones are built for longevity, coming in a robust yet lightweight package that should easily withstand those long nights in the studio. Even when they do start to deteriorate, you can simply replace their components and get going again.

✅ Lightweight and robust
✅ Splittable headband

❌ Better for creating than mixing


Depending on the type of music you create and your budget, your preference might differ, but overall, all of these headphones can get the job done!!

How I Build Melodies and Chords

Last week I asked you guys to send in questions - 90% of them were about struggling with melodies.

I figured I could answer most of you all at once with this video. It's a few months old but it's still one of my favorite tutorials I have ever made. This will help you understand chords and melodies - without having any music theory knowledge.

I know for a fact this is gonna help you TREMENDOUSLY!

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