The Producer Middle Class

​How producers are able to build 6-figure businesses from their bedrooms

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→ Creativity is 100% Free

→ The Creator Middle Class of 2022

→ 3 Steps To Succeed on Social Medias as a Music Producer

Creativity Doesn't Cost Any Money

A recent interview with DJ, producer and entrepreneur Claude VonStroke revealed his thoughts on the state of today’s industry.

“I bought a cassette-based 4-track recorder and a really, really terrible Kawaii drum machine to make tracks and that’s how I worked for many, many years. All that early stuff just makes me so grateful for what we have now. A copy of Ableton and a Mac right now is better than a $500,000 studio in 1987 - VonStroke said.

Being able to financially support a music career is daunting, but the barrier of entry is getting lower and lower. A cheap laptop and some free software and you can instantly access the potential to make some great music.

👨🏻‍💻 My take on this

I think this is absolutely beautiful. Music is art and art should be accessible to everyone.

The thing about gear and equipment is that it's supposed to be a tool, but way too often it becomes a barrier of entry. It's so inspiring to see some kid, in the middle of nowhere, making incredible music on a $500 laptop with nothing but free software. It just goes to show how music and creativity is ALL in your brain - gear truly doesn't matter.

The Creator Middle Class of 2022

TikTok continues to grow and is now currently sitting in the top 3 of social media sites. The platform has thrived through the pandemic and has put countless new artists and songs on the map. Alan Cross predicts that due to its popularity, musicians and producers will be amongst the people to benefit the most from the social media site.

“Over the last 12 months, 430 songs surpassed more than a billion views last year, three times as many as in 2020. Over 175 songs charted on the Billboard Hot 100, double that of the previous year. Expect a similar jump in 2022.” - Cross said.

There’s endless potential on TikTok for the amount of success artists could be and are receiving. This translates to streaming plays, social media followers and promising careers for a ton of artists and producers.

Streaming will continue to dominate in 2022, with the average user base increasing on all platforms.

“Truth is 66 per cent of all streams are of songs more than 18 months old. That’s where the real growth lies. Watch for streamers to push older music more and more." - Cross said.

catalog of music will help your streaming numbers and, in the long run, build an audience that will keep coming back for more.

👨🏻‍💻 My take on this

Social medias are bigger than ever and will continue to grow, there's no question.

One thing that makes me very excited about this is the opportunity for a "creator middle class" to arise. Not everyone is gonna be a household name, not everyone is gonna become a multi-millionaire, but tons of people can and will create a sustainable and comfortable career doing exactly what they love - and that's a beautiful thing.

It's incredibly inspiring to see anyone turn their passions into a profession, whether it be music, gaming, cars... or literally anything else!

Next time you see a person with a solid community and quality content, think about the fact that they have a business on their hands, they are providing for themselves and their families with what they love and working for themselves. It's exciting!!

3 Steps To Succeed on Social Medias as a Music Producer 

Thank you Kashish for submitting your question last week. Hope this helps.

1. 🎯 Define your goals
Success can be defined in a million different ways, so it's super important for you to really understand what you want from this career. This is the part where you can go wild. No limits to your imagination, just be honest with yourself. Do you wanna produce songs on the Billboard Top 10? Do you wanna be a YouTuber and spend your day making videos? Do you want to make loops for other producers? Do you wanna become a teacher? These are all great career options - and there are endless more. Choose your "dream goal" and then reverse-engineer the steps you can take to get there.

2. 😌 Be patient
Social medias take time. That's just a fact. In fact, the average YouTube channel takes about a year to reach their first 1,000 subscribers. Accept the fact that your content just won't be great at first but just make it and post it. The quicker you can get through the "learning phase", the quicker you can start making the content you want and I guarantee people will come. The only mistake that will make you fail is stopping - everything else is just the journey.

3. 💬 Join the community
If I were to start today with 0 subscribers, no experience and no business this is what I would do. First thing first, I'd make sure my music is top notch. Right after that, I would join pre-existing producer communities and start making a name for myself within them. I'd be super active on everyone's Discords, I'd join every contest, challenge or event I could find... I would utilize other producer's fanbases to grow my own from within. I have seen this time and time again in my Discord and it's a super fun and effective way to become a member of the producer community!

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