One Hour Producer Support Calls

Stop making critical mistakes, take the right steps,and turn your music into a sustainable career.

"I've seen every free resource there is on how to make a living as a producer. But in a 1 hour call, Ed was able to focus all of that knowledge into an actionable plan that has helped me build a full-time producer business in just over four months."
Gamma Beats

Areas I can help with


Over the past 3 years, I have built a very successful music production YouTube channel with over 240k+ subscribers.

I can teach you how to do the same thing and avoid all the mistakes I made.


At the end of the day, music is the core of what we do. Your music needs to be good. 

I can help you identify the main problems in your productions and give you targeted solutions on how to fix them all up. 

Online Ads

Both for myself and my sample pack company RIP Speakers, I have spent thousands of dollars on Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. 

Let me guide you through it and avoid wasting money.

Beat Sales

Some people say beat-selling iss “oversaturated”, but the truth is that it’s only saturated if you do the same things everyone else is doing. 

Let me help you build and define your own unique strategy.


At the end of the day, this is a business. It’s vital to know how to manage your expenses, collect payments, talk to brands…

I can help you navigate through the complexities of managing an online business.


I have spent countless hours learning the different algorithms, coming up with viral ideas, story-telling, retention and click-thru. 

Let me teach you what works and what doesn’t, and help you skip a few steps!

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Producers who are:

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Producers who are:

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1 Hour with EdTalenti

This is not a cookie-cutter service. Each session will be customized to your needs, based on the form you fill out before the call.


"The session was absolutely fantastic. The quality and amount of information Ed was able to deliver in just 1 hour is insane. This was the first time I actually felt the stuff I was told was something I could put into practice and it made so much sense.”
Prod By Kampa


When you send in the pre-call form I’ll b in touch if I believe I won’t be able to help you.

If I determine that you are not ready for this consultation, I will personally submit for a refund right away.

I myself have paid for consultations and have found them to be a very quick way of leveling up. I also love teaching people what I know. I wanna help you skip some steps and avoid mistakes.

After the first call if you would like more time or training we can discuss options for more on-going work. 

We can cover multiple topics but this isn’t about trying to squeeze in as much in to a sessions as possible, you will get value from depth not quantity.

Just click “Schedule Appointment” above, choose a Date/Time, fill out the form and checkout. (Your Appointment is not locked in until you complete checkout, so you could lose your spot if you don’t checkout immediately)